VideoPlay / Interactive Video System

VideoPlay is a one of a kind interactive installation that uses the participants as the instrument of live art. There are multiple points of fun interactivity in the installation. Step one is using an automated video booth that elicits a series of physical as well as verbal responses from participants. The video recording appears at the mixing station console where users can select their videos and play them back on a screen while manipulating and synthesizing the sound, video, and background art in real time. The live video portrait can be saved by pressing a button on the playback controller. Participants can also generate 4" x 6" still photographic prints on the fly by pressing the print button on the controller. All of the saved photos and videos can be shared to social media or sent directly to the user. The project set up can be configured in many different ways, on any type of playback screen, with multiple recording stations feeding into one or more playback stations. We can also set up large format poster printing stations as well. Please contact us for more info.

Still Print Samples

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45 Second Live Mix Clips

15 Second Live Output Sharing Clip

Long Form Output Clip With Music