Portrait Projects

We've created many automated photo systems. The portrait studio / stand-up step and repeat style is really popular because of the ability to photograph large groups. It's great for high volume events, and can be made into a very portable set up. In the first set of images we created a highly customized portrait studio that was featured at the Google I/O developer convention event called After Hours. This was our third consecutive year presenting a project for this event. We built custom software, a touch screen kiosk that enabled email capture, and a content distribution website which enabled upload of photo and animated GIF content to Google+. We also built a vertically mounted a pair of live photo display screens attached to the structure of the photo installation. We often pair portait studios with touch screen kiosks so we can enable user choices of things like photo backgrounds and email capture. We created many of these systems for events and marketing tours. Clients include, Google, Facebook, Ford, CNN, Cartoon Network, UFC, Keds, Heineken, and others.